From start to finish you deal directly with the designer and builder. We educate you through the entire design and construction process giving you plenty of options that fit your budget and maximize your investment.

We not only design, develop the budget, and construct your project, we also analyze your project from an investment standpoint by feasibility analysis; making sure your design decisions bring you the maximum possible return for your projects investment by increasing your properties value for future sale.

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Our process discloses how much optimum square foot area you should remodel or add on to your home without over building for the area and discloses the optimum budget your project should not exceed based on the homes current and projected value. It uncovers unknown issues such as zoning, easement, or set back regulations that can stop a project in its tracks.

This step is crucial for your projects success. Armed with the study results you now have a crystal clear picture of the projects size, it’s budget, and a realistic scope of work that is in-line with what you want to invest. Our process allows homeowners to make a more decisive and educated decision with respect to the projects direction before design drawings are prepared.

This upfront due diligence avoids major design and financial pitfalls and provides extraordinary value to your project’s success and investment. This has been our approach for the past 21 years, and is proven to be the most effective and successful process homeowners can choose by far when remodeling their home.

From design inception to construction completion, JDR Design & Construction Inc. is with you every step of the way, alway looking out for your best interest when it comes to your home.

We carry all the proper license and insurance requirements
We offer a 1 year warranty
We get all the proper permits and inspections