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Do you plan to sell or keep your home for
as long as you can predict?
How will you be using your home
in the coming years?
What image or appearance do you want
your home to have?

Available funds and equity
Available time, skills, materials
Zoning and deed restrictions

Measure and draw the existing floor plans
Study house structure, mechanical,
and electrical systems
Study site and exterior conditions

Functional Considerations

Efficient use of space
Effective circulation patterns
Zoning of activities for desired
privacy or socializing

Technical Considerations

Correcting of structural defects
Repairing material deterioration
Proper functioning of mechanical systems
Energy conservation
Safety considerations
Correcting code violations

Aesthetic Considerations

Desired appearance, image and style of
exterior, and interior rooms

Enhance Existing Space
Re-Arrange Existing Space
Convert Unused Space into Livable Space
Add New Space

Product selections made easy
with immersive, hands-on experience
at our suppliers show rooms.
Latest and greatest products on display.
Plumbing fixtures, Electrical fixtures,
Flooring, Countertops
One-on-one consultation experience provided via scheduled appointments

We expertly estimate your job cost to include

All cost for general conditions
All cost for labor
All cost for materials
All cost for specialty - subcontractors

And fair cost for overhead, and profit
for the work being done and the risk taken

We prepare and deliver the proper permit application and paperwork
to the Building Department for processing.

Schedule Construction

Purchase Materials
Arrange Speciality - Subcontractors
Arrange for Building Department Inspections